About Us

It started with a dumpster fire sticker.

Well, technically it started with dumpster fire buttons which we made for Dana to hand out at Engage PDX. They were a big hit, but the pins were pointy and we were tired of pricking our fingers while putting them together. Ouch.

What can’t hurt you? Stickers.

In March 2019 we made dumpster fire stickers so Dana still had some cool swag to give away when she traveled the world as a digital marketing speaker. The dumpster fire stickers were so popular that we had people tweeting at us and emailing asking if they could have some too!

A dumpster fire stuck to the dust cover of a turntable

We joked about how we should set up a store and sell them online. That joke turned into “should we actually?” And now, here we are.

What does KP stand for?

KP stands for Kick Point! We’re a digital marketing agency that works with clients around the world. We love stickers so much that we have two sticker doors at work! If you have a cool sticker for our door, we’d love to add it to our collection.

Two doors that are covered with stickers.

Our brand values (if you care)

❤️ Heart. We put our heart and soul into our designs. We don’t hire someone from Fiverr or choose the cheapest vendor. We don’t sell things that we wouldn’t buy. (We are all proud owners of dumpster fire keychains!)

🤭 Humor. Because we all need some more endorphins in our life — the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” exists for a reason. We enjoy poking fun at our work and our industry. 

🤫 Hard(ish) work. We work hard, but not too hard. Our best ideas come to us in the shower, at the beach, or while watching Gilmore Girls again. Hustle culture is whack. 

Wow, you read the entire About page? Look at you, keener. If you’re one of the first 10 people to find this, use code "GOAT" to get 10% off your order.