The Ultimate Gift Guide for Digital Marketers

Shopping for a marketer and don’t know what to get them? Whether you’re shopping for their birthday, to celebrate a milestone, or you want to find a way to say thank you, we have gift ideas for you.

Why should you listen to us, and what are our credentials? We are marketers, and we’ve either used these products or want to be gifted these things.

Close the tab you have open to purchase a Starbucks gift card and continue reading to find the perfect gift for your coworker, friend, or family member who’s a marketing pro.

Fun Gifts

Let’s start with the fun stuff, AKA, stuff they don’t need but will absolutely love.

Not Today Satan Candle

Not Today, Google Satan. This candle has the scent of tart, punchy grapefruit. With a 50+ hour burn time, this candle will last through that huge SEO or content audit.

Bonus: you’re supporting Susan Wenograd, a PPC expert!


Dumpster Fire sticker

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers!

We’re going to make a wild guess and say that 95% of digital marketers love stickers. Why else would every brand and conference make stickers to give away?

Give them some fun stickers to add to their collection, like this dumpster fire sticker, or if they’re an independent contractor, they'll appreciate our pay your invoice sticker. Do they work in SEO? They need an it depends sticker.


Schema T-Shirt

The Glass Needs Schema T-Shirt

Not to be confused with Schema Therapy, schema in the context of digital marketing is structured data that helps search engines understand the information on a website. (Still confused? Read this article.)

If you're looking for a gift for the SEO in your life, they’ll appreciate this t-shirt.  


Desk Nameplate

Desk Name Plate

Sure, you could get their actual name, but that’s boring. Instead get them a Nasty Woman, Professional Troublemaker, or Nerd name plate to add some personality to their desk.


Good Work Isn’t Cheap Banner

If the marketer in your life is a freelancer or contractor, this hand-sewn banner is a great reminder for them to charge what they’re worth. Good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good. 🙌


Practical Gifts

Because sometimes the best gift to receive is something you know you need to buy but don’t want to.


Ergonomic wrist support

Ergonomic Wrist Rest and Mouse Pad

It’s super lame, but did you know that you can get a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from using your computer all day? Yes, you’re just sitting there, but you’re also using your mouse and keyboard and doing the same thing over and over and over again.

No one wants tennis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome — help your digital marketing friends out with an ergonomic wrist rest and mouse pad. There are tons on the market, but pretty much what you’re looking for is something that is not too bulky, easy to clean, and is comfortable.

If you’re reading this while slouching in your computer chair, this is a reminder to sit up straight!


Coffee and tea

Coffee & Tea

The digital marketing world is notorious for working long hours (#agencylife), and while there are companies that provide a better work-life balance (shoutout to: Zapier, Buffer, Kick Point, Sparktoro), there are a lot of tired marketers out there who could use some caffeine. ☕

If you don’t know whether the person you’re buying a gift for is a coffee or a tea person, do some research on the down-low — you don’t want to give coffee to a tea person.

We recommend shopping local, or you can check out these companies that we love and order online:


Excel coffee mug

Excel Mug

It’s not uncommon for an SEO or PPCer to be deep in spreadsheet land, analyzing data, creating content audits, or setting up imports for Google Ads Editor.

Whether they use Excel or Google Sheets, they’d probably love a mug with shortcuts to make their life easier. (Pair this with the aforementioned coffee or tea, and you have a great gift!) Be sure to get this mug if they’re on a PC and this mug if they’re a Mac person.

P.S. - Every mug needs a coaster! Our dumpster fire coasters come in two styles and are the perfect addition to your gift.


Nest Mini

Google Home Mini

Apparently this is called the Nest Mini now. 🤷‍♀️ As much as this is a practical gift, it’s also pretty fun.

Practical: for testing Google voice search results. (And so they can ask "Hey Google, will ChatGPT kill SEO?")

Fun: you can play rock paper scissors, truth or dare, or ask it to sing a song. (Here’s a full list of fun commands to try.)


Noise cancelling headphones

Noise Canceling Headphones

In between meetings, it’s nice to just be able to focus. Whether that means listening to your favorite podcast and checking emails, or listening to music while focusing on creating reports. 🎧

Get the digital marketer in your life some Bose headphones, specifically the QuietComfort 45. If you want a more budget friendly option, then we recommend these Soundcore headphones.


Educational Gifts

Is there anything better than the gift of knowledge? 


Kick Point Playbook

Analytics for Agencies

This course is perfect for anyone who works at a marketing agency. Being able to analyze and understand the story the data is telling is a crucial skill, so you can provide clients with solid recommendations. Without it, you’re just throwing ideas at a wall to see what sticks.

But of course, analytics needs to be set up properly in order to do that — so you’ll learn all about GA4, GTM, and Looker Studio. (If you’re not a marketer these words probably mean nothing to you.)

Enroll in the course today!


SEO books


Yes, books on marketing can become outdated — reading about how to make the most of Google+ isn’t going to help you become a better marketer. Our book recommendations are evergreen, so they’ll provide you with valuable insights now and in the future. If the marketer in your life loves to read, gift them one of these books.📚


Miss Excel

Miss Excel Courses

We heard you liked Excel, so we put another Excel idea in our gift guide. Excel is a digital marketer’s best friend arch nemesis. Well, it should be your best friend, but it’s a powerful tool that can be overwhelming to learn. If your digital marketing friend can make a basic pivot table but wants to go beyond that, this is the perfect gift for them.

(Miss Excel also has courses for Google Sheets!)


Copy School by Copyhackers

Whether they write landing pages, emails, or social posts, marketers can level up their skills with Copy School. Copy School has video lessons, templates, worksheets, and everything else you need to become a better writer.



That’s it. That’s our list. Of course digital marketers are just regular people too, so you could get them some socks for Christmas or a gift card for their birthday.

If you’re a marketer thinking, “Wow this was great, but everyone should know that we also want ______”, please contact us and let us know what we’re missing!