Gifts Every Web Developer Will Love

Shopping for the perfect gift for the web developer in your life can be a daunting task, especially if you're not familiar with the world of coding. But fret not! We're here to help you find a gift that will delight your web dev friend or co-worker.

We've divided this guide into two sections — tech gifts (typically more expensive) and non-tech gifts (more affordable) so you can find the perfect gift no matter your budget! Whether they’re a seasoned professional or a junior web dev, these gifts are guaranteed to make their day.

Tech Gift Ideas

Custom keyboards from Mech.Land and KeebsForAll

Custom Keyboard

Web developers spend their whole career using a keyboard. What better way to make a developers day by gifting them their own custom keyboard?

Now you have to choose a PCB, switches, keycaps, stabilizers, etc. and sort through hundreds of options, and some you can’t even buy because they're always out of stock.

If you're down for a challenge, watch this video by Hipyo Tech that'll walk you through the keyboard customization process and check out Mech.Land and KeebsForAll for parts. (Or on second thought, maybe send them some cash instead so they can enjoy creating their perfect keyboard!)


NFC tags

NFC Tags

Give the gift of NFC tags, which they can use to automate their home or office. For example, the tags can be used to track tasks, set up routines, and so much more. Other reasons why NFC tags are great: they're cheap and they don't require power. They'll have so much fun with this!


Stream Deck in use

Stream Deck

Yes, this gadget is primarily used by gamers who stream. Lots of web developers love video games, but this isn't why we're recommending it! They can customize their stream deck by creating hotkeys for opening up key applications or performing repetitive actions that they do daily. It's a great productivity tool!

The Elgato stream deck comes in a variety of sizes, but the MK.2 is a good place to start.


Noise cancelling headphones

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Web developers often work in open office environments or coffee shops, which can be noisy and distracting. A pair of noise-canceling headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 45 or these Soundcore headphones can help them stay focused and productive!


Three examples of a sit/stand desk in an office

Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk all day can be tough on the body, so a standing desk can be a great gift for the web developer in your life. Sometimes they will want to sit though, so be sure to choose a desk with an adjustable height setting so they can work comfortably whether they're sitting or standing! We recommend the BERKANT desk from IKEA, or if you live in Canada, check out this desk from Source Office Furnishings. Uplift Desks are also very highly rated!


examples of a portable charger in use charging multiple devices

Portable Charger

For the web developer on the go, a portable charger will help their devices stay powered up throughout the day. Choose a charger with multiple ports and fast charging capabilities for maximum convenience — the GoalZero Sherpa 100 and the SuperTank Pro are both capable of charging laptops. (Not all portable chargers can! If you decide to buy a different charger, double-check that it can charge both phones and laptops.)


A 3D printer prints a rainbow gradient tower. Another 3D printer sits on a table

3D Printer

Have they expressed interest in starting a new hobby? A 3D printer is a fun gift to buy them! You can start off by buying a cheaper model from Ender, and if they really get into the hobby they can eventually upgrade to a Bambu Lab 3D printer.


temperature controlled mugs

Temperature Controlled Mug

Get them a temperature controlled mug so their coffee or tea is always at the perfect temperature! The Ember Mug is what everyone seems to have and love.

Alternatively, you can get them a YETI rambler or mug that is insulated and is sure to keep their coffee hot for a long time! (It isn’t temperature controlled, but is a great product!)


Non-Tech Gift Ideas

Dumpster fire stickers


Does the web developer in your life have stickers all over their laptop? Give them more to add to their collection!

All web developers will relate to our look of disapproval sticker; it perfectly captures the face they make when their code hits a snag. And let's not forget our dumpster fire sticker — a humorous nod to those occasional code meltdowns.

If they're a freelancer they'll get a kick out of our pay your invoice sticker.


desk mats

Desk Mat

A comfortable and aesthetic workspace is important! A desk pad offers a large space for a mouse and keyboard, enhancing workspace appearance and productivity.

Desk mats, available in different sizes and materials, can suit any developer's workspace and style. They commonly have cushioned surfaces to reduce wrist fatigue from prolonged coding. Many also have anti-slip bases for stability during intense coding sessions.

You can order a custom desk pad from or get a simple and sleek desk pad from Grovemade.


Three computer hardware posters from Planet Earth

Computer Patent Prints

These sweet computer hardware posters from PatentEarth will look amazing on the wall of their office! They come in a variety of colors, so you can easily match the rest of their décor.


Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Subscription

A lot of web developers live on coffee. ☕ It’s a no-brainer to gift them a coffee subscription! If they have a favorite brand, snoop and see if they have a coffee subscription available.

Feeling a little stuck? Here are a few options to look into:

Or better yet, check out local coffee roasters in your area and see if they have a coffee subscription!


three office chair examples

Office Chair

Web developers spend a lot of time sitting, and a comfortable office chair can make a big difference in their comfort and productivity. Look for a chair with adjustable height, lumbar support, and breathable fabric for maximum comfort, such as the Branch Ergonomic Chair and the Rise Ergo Chair.

Do they like to sit cross-legged? They need this Pipersong chair instead!


Two people sit at a table huddled over a set of website deck cards.

Website Deck of Cards

Devs can take a screen break by planning website architecture with this deck of cards. The website deck includes 53 mini numbered cards, each representing a different page. Neat!


two people with their backs to the camera. both are wearing a backpack

Laptop Bag

Sure, you can shove a laptop into any old bag, but a bag made specifically to carry a laptop (and other gadgets) is so nice to have! For the person who commutes or brings their laptop everywhere, get them the Timbuk2 Authority Laptop Backpack Deluxe or the Osprey Metron 22 Roll Top.


That's it, that's the list.

We hope this gift guide helps you debug your gift-choosing dilemma!